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Our Design & Benefits
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“We strived to create a high quality product that is unique, stylish, and affordable. I’m confident that we accomplished that.”
Michael Kolb, CEO & Founder


Our interchangeable snap-in magnetic covers allow you to quickly customize your outfit and immediately make you stand out!

Wide Variety of Finishes

Finishes in Stainless Steel, Natural Wood, Carbon Fiber, Leather, and Stone!

Proven Concept

Raised over $75,000 on Kickstarter in over 35 countries!


We worked tirelessly with our engineer to develop a design that is both unique and superior to other competitors.


Our main goal is to provide you with a tie bar collection that is affordable. Our prices paired with quality are second to none.


Your OneBar is an accessory that will set you apart from the rest. Our wide variety of options will surely give you the extra stylish edge you have been looking for.


Our quality expectations are high and yours should be too. We can assure you that our materials are top notch.


Our tie bar not only makes you stand out but it also prevents tie swinging!


OneBarCo. has developed a patent pending interchangeable tie bar product that will provide consumers with the ability to purchase a variety of high quality tie bar designs for an affordable price. We not only have style – we have standards.
Change your tie bar quickly – and for an affordable price!

Our Story

First off, thank you so much for taking the time to view our website. We really appreciate it!

After working in a professional setting for the past decade and wearing suits day in and day out, tie bars have been a way to set ourselves apart from the rest. It’s a simple addition to any outfit that can make a dramatic change to your appearance but there is one problem – they are expensive! After seeing tie bar popularity continue to increase over the past few years, we decided that there had to be a way for consumers to own multiple tie bars at an affordable price.

We went to the drawing board and created our patent pending design that allows consumers to purchase one tie bar/clasp (you only need one!) and multiple unique covers at an affordable price. You will have endless opportunities to change your tie bar with every outfit you own – why change your tie and pocket square daily but leave your tie bar the same? How neat would it be to own tie bars in stainless steel, leather, suede, wood, and other various finishes/colors?

Once we had our idea, we hired an engineer to create mechanical drawings, had 3D prints created of our design, and hired a contract manufacturer. Within three months’ time, we created a website, had our logo developed, had sample products manufactured, designed our packaging, submitted our patent, and ignited our exposure to the marketplace via social media.

It’s been an incredible experience thus far and we look forward to continue utilizing our creativity to bring you the best quality and most unique tie bars on the market. Thank you for your interest in OneBarCo. and we hope you enjoy your One Bar for Every Look.

We appreciate your business!


Michael Kolb
CEO and Founder

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  • Love that the clips are interchangeable, it’s so convenient – two thumbs up there.
    Instagram Follower
  • Very modern concept…You can add variety with just one snap!
    Instagram Follower
  • Just checked the site and can’t wait for the release so I can get mine!! Going to look good on my ties!
    Instagram Follower
  • Absolutely love this idea, even told one of my teachers about it and he is excited as well!
    Instagram Follower
  • Like your product and packaging. Good luck! Keep up the good work!
    Instagram Follower

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OneBarCo. prides ourselves on our ability to provide superb customer service and high quality products.  Our mission is to create unique and edgy tie bars at an affordable price and believe we can do it better than anyone else.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback as our customers are our number one priority and we want to hear from you!

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